Healthy Environments for Healthy Communities!

Becoming a member of the SEA family?

If you want to protect, maintain and enhance the ecology of PEI for the environmental, social and economic well-being of area residents, then you are in the right place!!  Joining the SEA family will provide you with ample opportunities to learn and give back to your community through direct action.  As a member of SEA, you recognize, as we do, that a healthy environment is important for healthy communities.  Becoming a SEA member is about sharing ideas, partnering with others and, most importantly, having fun. We value your time, appreciate your volunteer spirit and welcome the participation of your family and friends.

“Together, we can be the change we want to see in our communities”

Membership:  Your membership helps us to:

  • organize community activities,
  • carry out important environmental enhancement activities, and
  • tells our funders that our community supports the work we do, which in turn, helps us to raise more dollars to carry out our projects and programs.

The Southeast Environmental Association needs members in order to achieve our goals and objectives. Accordingly, SEA offers several membership options to individuals who want to volunteer and serve in their communities.

SEA Memberships run from November 1st – October 31st




Individual Member (fee $10/year) – This is our standard membership. Individual membership is for community members interested in volunteering, serving on the Board, serving on a Committee, serving in the community and making our watersheds a better place to live and work.

Family Member (fee $30/year) – Family membership provides families with the opportunity to receive a special discount when they join the Association together. The family membership is open to family members who are living in the same household and are related by birth, marriage or other legal relationship.

Student Member (fee $8/year) – Student membership is offered to those enrolled in full-time studies and are between the ages of 16-30. Proof of student status must be provided (i.e. name of institution attending and student ID number).

Senior Member (fee $8/year) – Senior membership provides individuals the opportunity to apply their life experience and career skills to SEA’s community development initiatives and projects.  It is offered to those who are 60+.

Advantage Membership (fee $75/year) – IN DEVELOPMENT: Advantage membership is currently being developed, so stay tuned for updates.  We plan to have this membership option available in 2019-2020.

Corporate Membership (fee $200/year) – Corporate membership provides businesses and other organizations the opportunity to give back to their community, give back to the environment, and contribute to the ongoing projects and programming that we make available to the public and local youth.

* Detailed information regarding the obligations, rights and privileges of all members can be found in the Association’s Policies and By-Laws.