Environment Message of the Month

WELCOME to SEA’s – Environment Message of the Month

Here you will read about important topics, issues and concerns that we think will be of interest to you, the reader. You will learn about the activities and projects SEA is doing to protect and enhance the environment and how you can become involved in making southeastern PEI a better place to live, work and play.

Red River Event in the Valleyfield River!!

Rivers, Headwaters, and Estuaries: What’s the connection and why should we care? 

1SEA Column_Eutrophication_June 2016


Red River Valleys: Is this where some of PEI’s watersheds are headed? 

2SEA Column_Sedimentation_Aug2016


Fall Farming Activities & PEI Water

3SEA Column_Fall Plowing_Nov2016



Riparian Zones: What role do they play in a healthy ecosystem?

4SEA Column_Riparian Zones_Mar2017


Rethinking Culverts and Stream Crossings

5SEA Column_Culverts & Stream Crossings_Dec2017