Montague-Valleyfield Watershed Management Plan

MVWMP 2016Montague-Valleyfield Management Plan 2016_DRAFT

Montague-Valleyfield Management Plan

Much work has gone into the development of a watershed management plan reflective of the Vision, Goals & Objectives of the residents and stakeholders of the Montague-Valleyfield Watershed Area.

The watershed community identified the following Vision Statement and Goals

Please take time to review the Draft and contact us with any comments, errors, omissions, or additions that you would like to see.   

Comments must be in by 4pm, March 9th, 2016

Final Plan will be presented on March 10th from 6:30-8:30pm at the Montague Rural Action Centre, 540 Main St., Montague, PE Canada .  


We welcome all members of the public to join us for refreshments and snacks afterwards!!



“A healthy community, identifying and promoting sustainable environmental practices specific to our watershed with special consideration for renewable resource based industries.”   


1. Preserve and Enhance the Quality and Quantity of Ground and Surface Water, Protecting it for Future Generations;

2. Restore and Protect Fish and Wildlife Habitat;

3. Promote Active Living and Increase Recreational Opportunities;

4. Foster Stewardship Ideals and Reward Those Who Strive to Achieve Them;

5. Manage Watershed Resources by Encouraging Cooperation and Respect among Residents, Landowners, and Stakeholders;

6. Improve Communication and Provide Educational Opportunities;

7. Identify and Conserve Sites of Historical Significance and Unique Environmental Areas.