About SEA

About Us

Protecting, maintaining, and enhancing the ecology of PEI since 1992!!

SEA is a community-based, charitable organization established in 1992 with the goal to protect, maintain and enhance the ecology of Prince Edward Island for the environmental, social, and economic well-being of Island residents.  We manage the largest watershed region on Prince Edward Island at 73,139 hectares, or 13% of total land area which includes 33 sub-watershed units grouped into six large management areas: Boughton, Cardigan, Brudenell, Montague-Valleyfield, Sturgeon and Murray River.

SEA leads and seeks funding for several programs such as:

  • Harvey Moore Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Stream Restoration & Enhancement
  • Watershed Management Planning
  • Community Pollinator Park
  • Community Food Gardens Program
  • Community Outreach Program
  • Coastal Restoration & Planning
  • Water Monitoring & Biodiversity Enhancement
  • Trails and Tours Program
  • Wetlands Program
  • Experiential Tourism Program


Finding the right balance to protect, maintain, and enhance the ecology of southeastern Prince Edward Island for the environmental, social, and economic well-being of PEI residents.


Our Logo:  Original art designed by Josée Bourgeois, 20yr old graphic arts student, Shediac, NB






SEA’s Vision is to: SEA Change! SEA Solutions! SEA the Future!

We’ll achieve this through environmental and community development initiatives working with the goal of sustainability in mind – finding that important balance between the environment, the economy, the people and our culture – this is what the logo represents.  The wave and leaf represent our environment (land & sea); the sailboat represents economic development and recreation; the person represents our society & culture, and it is encircled by a waterdrop on which all life depends.


The Southeast Environmental Association (SEA) was established in July 1992 and is a registered, non-profit charitable community organization working to improve the quality of life for those people living & working on PEI, and especially of those living in the SEA Watershed Management Region.

Our Mission is to improve & enhance the environment, create educational learning opportunities, increase cultural & historic awareness; create opportunities for recreational & economic development, and bring people together through volunteerism, thus contributing to a strong and vibrant community.


We encourage, lead, and seek funding for projects relating to our goals and objectives and our coverage area.  In order to move forward with this work and continue contributing to the community, we aim to increase people’s awareness about who we are, what we are doing to grow our community and let people know that there are many opportunities to become involved.  We hope to inspire and empower people by joining with us and experience how they can be involved in their community in a meaningful and positive way.