Harvey Moore Wildlife Sanctuary
“HMWS Revitalization Project and Interpretive Site”

Community connection is important to maintaining the culture and sustainability of our Island’s rural areas. Communities should therefore inventory their most beneficial assets and maximize these assets for their economic, social and environmental potential. One of the main goals of the Southeast Environmental Association is to work with government and interested groups on projects that would support communities in this goal.

The Harvey Moore Wildlife Sanctuary, together with the larger eastern PEI resource base, presents important opportunities to lengthen the tourist season and potentially offer a year round activity mix. For example, the prime viewing season of migratory birds in the Sanctuary is September-November. This is an excellent time for bird watchers, waterfowl researchers, eco-tourists and environmental artists to come out and enjoy what the site and trails have to offer. During the winter months, the 3kms of trail can offer activities such as family skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, and winter photography workshops for local artists looking to get into an accessible winter wildlife wonderland. Within the region, there are other nature, cultural and local heritage attractions with excellent potential for increased shoulder season and year-round utilization. Summer accommodations are available through nearby rentable cottages and B&Bs, which provide an important visitor experience in their own right, and the addition of the newly constructed Riverhouse Inn in nearby Montague offers year-round accommodations for those interested in pursuing eco-activities during their stay in the area.

The Sanctuary is located just five minutes from Montague where several schools and daycares operate; it is an ideal location where we can develop and deliver educational programs from a hand-on approach. Studies show that when students participate in their education in a tangible way, they learn much easier and much faster. This ideology can also be applied to people in general, in that, individuals learn and retain information much better if they can physically apply the theories that they are being taught. Working towards developing the Sanctuary as an
environmental education learning site will provide our youth with a unique discovery & learning opportunity, will create stronger bonds within our communities and will bring about a deeper appreciation for our environment.

Considering the economic potential and beneficial impacts for the region overall, collaboration is important to the success of this project. We therefore continue to seek out new funding, resources, partnerships and other revenue to continue developing the site.

If you are interested in learning more, or would like to contribute to this project, please contact us at sea@pei.aibn.com, or call 902-838-3351.