The Canadian Aquatic Biomonitoring Network (CABIN) is the national biomonitoring program developed by Environment Canada which provides a standardized sampling protocol and a recommended assessment approach called the Reference Condition Approach (RCA) for assessing aquatic ecosystem condition. CABIN provides the tools necessary to conduct consistent, comparable, and scientifically credible biological assessments of streams.  CABIN is used to assess the health of freshwater ecosystems in Canada and is based on the network of networks approach which promotes inter-agency collaboration and data-sharing to achieve consistent and comparable reporting on fresh water quality and aquatic ecosystem conditions across Canada. In 2013, SEA renewed their activities in this program taking observations in 10 sites across the SEA Region.  Data collected will be used to make scientific assessments of our streams using a comparable methodology and standards. In October 2015, SEA staff and volunteers will visit 10 sites in the region to complete CABIN.